About Us

Radhamadhava Rasaranjani is a non-profit organization with a goal to maintain and perpetuate Kuchipudi, A Traditional Dance Art of Andhra Pradesh and to encourage different dance forms like Bharathanatyam, Kathak, Manipuri, Oddissi, Kathakali, Andhra Natyam (Tradition) by organising events in Guntur and performing these arts to all Gunturians. Radhamadhava Rasaranjani is committed to raise the awareness of the Kuchipudi among the citizens of Guntur and integrate it seamlessly with the Andhra Pradesh culture by organizing unique cultural and literary events that depict the rich cultural heritage traditions and arts of Andhra Pradesh. Radhamadhava Rasaranjani represents the aspirations of about 1500 strong art loving people in Guntur city and nearby villages as well.

Kuchipudi art has a rich history of about 500 years and its way; Kuchipudi is an Indian classical dance originating in Andhra Pradesh, India, but popular all over South India. According to legend, an orphan named Siddhendra Yogi founded the Kuchipudi dance-drama tradition.

Radhamadhava Rasaranjani is a non-profit, non-political and non-religious organisation u/s 501(c)(3) of the Act and it’s a cultural organization based in the Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India.



 The purpose of the organization is to serve the community through presenting different art forms. The organization strives to promote, preserve and perpetuate the Kuchpudi Dance Form of Andhra Pradesh region of India and strives to instill the value system in the community.

One of the key objectives of Radhamadhava is to train the next generation in Kuchipudi dance to preserve our rich cultural heritage of Andhra Pradesh, India. Art, music, dance, traditions and family values are the heritage of Andhra Pradesh.  


Radhamadhava Rasaranjani conducts a cultural event on first Sunday of each calendar month. It consists of different art forms like Kuchipudi, Odissi, Kathak, Kathakali, Manipuri, Bharathanatyam, South Indian Folk Dances like Kolatam, Jada Kolatam, Burrakatha, Light Music, Folk Music, Instrumental Music, Dance Ballets, Social Plays, Comedy Plays, Mythological Plays, Mimicry Shows, Magic Shows, Variety Shows, Whissle Songs, Veena Concert, Violin Concert, Flute Concert, Jugalbandi with all types of instruments, Mime and mono actions.


  • Radhamadhava Rasaranjani was launched in 1996 by the Dr. Vempati China Satyam garu.

  • In 1997, Jr. N.T.R. performed in Radhamadhava Rasaranjani on occasion of first anniversary of the organisation.

  • In 1998, Nritya Choodamani and Srimathi Sobha Naidu performed in “Sri Krishna Parijatham” dance ballet.
  • In 1999, Radhamadhava has conducted All India Dance Competitions for the first time in Guntur.